Another Year, Another Christmas, Another Reminder of Age

Turn off you Mobile Phone, Get your Popcorn Ready

About a year ago I said to lot of people that Youtube is so over-rated, a childish site full of rubbish and webcam footage of… of stuff nobody really should want nor have to watch, ever, not even on a dare. Well, I wasn’t completely wrong.

Because it turns out everyone really is uploading their cra… their home-made parodies of the Hogwarth cast and characters, their amazing CGI dubbed over star-wars episodes, plus many aspiring artists are using it as a platform for their fifteen minutes of infamy.


Yes, there is a reason I told you that! Since it’s so close to that one day of the year that we use to give our family and friends a truckload of rubbish they are only going to take back to the store you bought it from because it doesn’t match their decor, I attach yet another Youtube upload that certainly reminds us of the upcoming special day..

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time? (Feed the World)

Watch out for Bono just before the credits roll. Read the credits. It’s totally amazing who united to help save the children of the world … and this was all about twenty-something years ago. Egad, I’m getting old!

PS. I have this song on vinyl, mint condition. Original cover and all. Anyone know what it’s worth?

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