Aged an Extra Year

I know a daddy-long-legs spider has less venom than Paris Hilton has brain cells, but that doesn’t make it any less scary to see one descend from the ceiling right in front of you. Two more grey hairs appeared on my left temple as I aged an extra year in embarrassing fear.

There I was, checking out David Simmer via my bloglines aggregater, when this blurry brown line appeared right in front of my glasses. My brain worked overtime to determine whether it was on my eye, stuck to the outside my seeing-glasses, or something was leaking from my hair.

All’s well after I used last week’s TIME magazine to flick him to the other side of the room. I just hope he does not think to come back this way, or he won’t be seeing tomorrow. Aaargh, don’t touch me, everything feels like spider legs!

3 thoughts on “Aged an Extra Year

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  1. Sorry for the belated reply Dave and Meg, it’s been a busy month!

    Dave … Haha, but only those with a big (a)RSS.

    Meg, amusingly that was the first thing I thought to write. I have Dave’s style of writing to thank for that, he’s having an impact on the amount and style of my writing!

    What do I mean by this?
    Dave, you personalise your posts so much that I end up nodding in agreement and laughing myself silly with your diverse stories during your travels.
    Consequently, I think of similar situations … and I write a page or two about that moment in my life. I have so many posts in my backlog that it could take me another few years to catch up!

    So thanks for noticing the little humorous tidbits I include in my posts. I intend to use this journal a LOT more in 2008 to divulge a few more of those interesting stories.
    Dave, get writing so I can un-repress and write about life!


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