Six Steps to A Clutterless Net

Last Rose

No, this is not about teaching others : It’s an article to remind myself that my various RSS_feeds are becoming a mishmash of new and old articles, all begging to be responded to. Or at least removed as ‘new’. Many of them are no longer new, though the information is still as pertinent as the day they were written. So here goes:

Step 1: Remove all "Keep New" articles from

Actually this is a two-part process. I had originally kept them ‘new’ so I could respond. Problem is, many of them are getting out of date.

Articles shouldn’t have a use-by date, but sometimes replying to something written twelve months ago is almost pointless. Unless to ask more of the writer, don’t use say "Oh, I concur!." I like to add to the conversation, giving a little extra something for readers to consider.

Admittedly, often people say nothing at all and the conversation goes mute.

So Step 1 is in process.

Step 2 of 1: Write witty, clever or anecdotal comments that further the articles in question.

This doesn’t have to be an essay, we’re not writing the Ben Hurr II, just a hundred words is MORE than enough.

But in the event that the comment becomes an article in-itself, I will publish here and link back to original post. Far better idea!

This is going to take some time, but it definitely will get me onto the net, rather than just an RSS-lurker.

See you out there, You’ll be seeing more of my name in your comments-bar.

Oh, one last thing:

For those asking, ‘Why’s he telling us? Doesn’t he have the self-discipline to get on with it without confirming on the ‘net to the whole wide world?’. In the words of my our pet cat, Mehhh.. It means more than feed, scratch and love me: It means My world, my day, my life. Getting on with it.

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