Bubbling Up

Because AppScout say they are being bombarded with spam mail in their comments, I don’t know if this will show up on their post about Redbubble.

So I’m posting here also. That way they have proof I’m not a bot [taps head to see if there is a tinny echo, whew, there isn’t!], and may publish it. They should. I hope.

The main thing about Redbubble, and that it has over many other photograph-storage-space sites, is the Killer-App (for want of a better term) holding it all together.

After all, that’s what is most important from a developers point of view:
The back-end allows massive amounts of uploads every day and night of the week, people shuffle their work up and down the list, categorise by tags, rename their art, chat on a forum buried inside which has journal-entries within them …
Hell, the application these Aussies have built is perfect!

From a photographers point of view, well, I am one of the many artists proudly displaying my work for easy purchase. With around 300 photographs (of local landscapes, flora, fauna and architecture) currently uploaded, and intending to upload another few hundred before the end of the year, I have no doubt that the tech-guru’s at the RB headquarters in Melbourne can support me and all my new ‘friends’ to keep our work organised and ready to print at a moments notice.

Yep, I’m an RB fanatic. I should be. They’re helping me to realise a life-time dream to make photography a profitable career. But like all projects, there’s a lot of organising, promotion and further-training. One step at a time…

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