Macro Photography with Mini Cameras

Front Yard Flower Ever wondered how you could utilise a Pringles can for other uses after it’s empty?

Turns out it can be used to make a macro lens for your camera! Find out how to create the Pringles Macro first, then discover the many people already testing out and displaying their Pringles macro photographs on an online gallery.

Yes, Homemade lenses are all the rage. That and extreme macro photography on a budget. It would appear that most people don’t want to spend the money, but do want to take the great shots.

Macro photography with compact cameras is actually possible, but not really a good idea. In my early days with flickr, all my macro photographs were successfully shot with a Canon IXUS v.2.

But now that compact cameras have as many as 9megapixels but the average user has never seen nor known good-old-fashioned film-photography – they need to learn how to utilise it to take macro photography.

But I’m glad to have spent the money to own a dedicated macro lens. It makes all the difference in achieving the final result.

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