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From Adelaide? Like writing online through a journal/blog? Also have an interesting learning and just simply getting involved with the web-dev scene around Adelaide?

Shai Coggins has got the answer. She and Jon have started the “Adelaide Bloggers Meetup“. But this isn’t for the shy of heart nor the “oh, I love writing so I’ll blog” people.

This is for those of us who really want to learn RSS, who want to learn about the internal workings of WordPress (and probably consider Blogger/Blogspot to be so 1996.)

But if you are thinking and wanting to take that next big leap into the world of online diary-writing (blogging/journalism/etc), then join-up and meet-up with us.

I’ve joined. This is another step in my journey. Are you going to walk with us?

Whether you are remotely or passionately interested in getting involved, read more about it at Shai Coggins journal.

One thought on “Adelaide Bloggers United

  1. Thanks for joining, Stephen. Not sure yet how our meetings will be like – formal, informal… probably a mix of both. In any case, I do look forward to meeting you all and having fun while we learn stuff.


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