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If there is only one site I read every day (but there are actually heaps of sites) it is Mark Fletcher’s. I usually don’t remember his web domain – but I always remember his name. Why? Because Mark is definitely unique, entrepreneurial and teaches us all a lot of interesting information about running and surviving small business.

He is often exclaiming the pros and cons of owning a news agency – but he never tells us anything that will deter us from venturing into small business. If anything, Mark actually reminds the general public that a news agency owner really needs our support – because they do so much to ensure that the product we purchase is well priced, high value and is exactly what we are looking for.

Often I read about Mark’s anger, disdain, and apparent problems with the whole magazine industry. But what is most interesting is the information about product placement around the store, about newspaper advertisements gone mad and the problems with having a store in a large mall.

So what does Mark do that no other writer does (yet)? He types like he is talking. He spits chips. He gets explicit without swearing. His smile comes through the grammar and style of his article.

If you get nothing else from the “Australian Newsagency Blog“, simply enjoy the stance and style of his articles.

And then think of what your local store is experiencing next time you visit. You might find similar issues of discussion.

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