New Beginning: Learning RSS from Scratch

OK, forget WordPress, forget Blogger, forget them all! It’s back to basics time. I’m going to create my own RSS-feed.

Apparently Zeldman does. Well, he did in 2003. Does he still? It can’t be that difficult to learn from scratch – I taught myself HTML and CSS in my lunch breaks back in 2000. I should have slept less often…

Anyhow, after fifteen minutes (in the ad’ breaks when my wife muted the television), I wrote my first RSS-feed using the Steve Downes method. Should have done this years ago.

My creation is available now to look at. I say look at – but it’s nothing special. I’ve been a bit silly with the first two posts. Hehe. OK, I’m passed that now. I am going to open the "Sitepoint XML – Web Development – No Nonsense with PHP" book I purchased a year or so ago.

This is a fun learning curve. Might have to spend a lot more time working this out. I’ll be talking the lingo before I know it.

But don’t think for a second that I just gonna stop writing here! I love writing. I love photography! (All the photographs displayed here are of books I own!). But I really love web-design. I love learning, coding, experimenting with new ideas! Oh, yeah, of course I love the wife and those cats. Oh, I must convert their posts to RSS/XML!

Tomorrow night, after I have read the ten things I should have read and know already about posting a message online – I will keep learning more about RSS. XML. PHP. MySQL. This is going to be fun!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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