Grooving with Redice

I’ve been introduced to the amazing music of brothers Yiani & Ilya Harpas who are Red Ice. With only four songs (that I know of), they are hitting the charts hard!

These boys are from right here in Adelaide, Australia – and are shooting up the charts. Their hit song is “Beautiful Girl” is very impressive. The backing music certainly makes your whole body move, and their lyrics are simple and direct. She must be one truly beautiful girl!

These two twenty year olds grew up right here in Adelaide. They began this career choice before they were teenagers, (currently doing university) and are now producing chart-reaching music. I encourage you to listen and purchase their fantastic melodic music.

When these boys say “Let’s Groove”, they ain’t kidding. With a melodic sound similar to Savage Garden, Craig David and the tenacity of Robbie Williams, their music is sure to be downloaded in the millions before week’s end!

You know I don’t normally advertise, but today I am making the exception. But with good reason: The Red Ice download-site design won’t destroy your eyesight and it’s easy to navigate! (yeah, I know, very unusual for a myspace site) The Red Ice biography on myspace says:

We draw our inspiration and love for music from the most amazing singers and musicians from many genres. Each has impacted our music and lives in some way..whether it is only recently or right from the start:
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, George Michael, Timbaland, Ginuwine, The 90’s boy bands, Donnell Jones, 2Pac, Biggie, Will Smith, Craig David, George Benson, Boyz II Men, Jamiroquai…and many others.

They brazenly say their sound is “nothing you’ve heard before“. Guess what? They are so true! I don’t normally give free plugs for music (unless it’s U2 of course), but these boys are local and very good. They write and perform their own work. I have no doubt they will be a big hit within the next few months. Adelaide is going to be far too small for them. Their mother will be crying at the airport when her boys fly to the big apple to be signed-up faster than you can say “Hold ME!

But that’s not all!

Not only has Red Ice’s current number one song “Beautiful Girl” been listened to over ONE THOUSAND TIMES in the few days; It is now available as a dance track, courtesy of the Attitude in Rhythm director, Danny Simcic.

Red Ice is going to be on your iPOD tomorrow.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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