Some days I wake up with a brilliant idea. Now that I am ill and coughing up phlegm the size of walnuts, the ideas don’t flow as much. At least not as much as the phlegm… but let’s not go down that track.

The point is that I often have GREAT, BRILLIANT, and MASSIVE ideas that will revolutionise…. will revolutionise… will change… will make… OK, so the best they will do is enhance my own website. Some might help with the designs of clients sites. (Ok, so they are clients who don’t know I am making their sites. That’s not the point!

Most mornings I wake up with a whole lot of words spewing forth, overlapping each other in an effort to make it to the surface. Unfortuantely, by the time I am awake – they are gone, nothing more than synaptic nerve endings dissappearing into the void. But on the odd occasion that I remember what I was thinking about, I try my best to write it down. Don’t we all? For some reason humans have conquered communication to a point where they must write, text, type, hand-sign and mouth every thought they are having. It’s what has made the internet so popular. It’s the one true medium where anything and everything gets published. Even if it is a complete waste of time.

That’s why I totally agree with Jef at “The Average Idea” who has written five simple ways to increase the both the novelty and popularity value of your words. (Ok, ok, it’s actually about why we should STOP calling ourselves a write – but that’s all about interpretation. Where’s there’s a point, there’s a lesson to be learned. Think about that.)

But most of the time when I write something down for publication I find that much of it is trollop or unfinished. It’s important to think through one’s thoughts before putting them on paper (read: on the internet. Who writes on paper these days? Oh yes, I do.) and it’s more important to make the information appealing. I often find myself writing six word spiels that mean nothing to anybody except me. I often (as is undoubtedly apparent) over use the pronouns, but isn’t that what this is all about? Telling a story that talks about our experiences?

Maybe I am going around in circles. Maybe the SUDAFED, CODRAL and orange juice are scrambling my brains. At least I can type them out without falling over. There’s a probability they are changing the way I think. Gawd, I hope so! I’d love a life-changing phenomenon to take place right about now! Which reminds me of an excerpt from

“Change can be realized through conscious evolution. Moment by moment, day by day, concentrate on becoming the man you want to be.”

Right, I think that train of thought is at its end. I cannot recall anything more from the end of that dream. I need more CODRAL and a few more Z’ds of sleep. Wake me when intermission ends.

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