Finding Friends via Flickr

A new flickr friend has informed me he writes a blog. Ok, so its with blogger, but it’s about his photographic experiences and journeys – so I like it. He’s gone with the standard template – minus the comments bar. That’s a shame, so I have to respond by writing an article here. Which is not all bad – he gets some free publicity. Hmmm. If only that worked for all of us.

Anyway, he says his friend wanted a trek-stick for clambering about on photography-locations like a sheep-herder. Harvey told him he’d hold his breathe NOT to buy it – but his mate bought it anyway.

Personally, I like the stick. Fact is, I have one. We bought it about two years ago. It’s fairly strong, even if it does look a tad dainty. Yeah, it’s a toy. Yeah, it only cost about forty Australian dollars. Who cares? It works, It’s green (which isn’t to say it’s eco-friendly, only that it’s painted a color I like!), and it’s survived Kangaroo Island twice.

I ‘m looking forward to more posts on this site, I want to know where they’re going next!

5 thoughts on “Finding Friends via Flickr

  1. Hi Stephen

    Found this through Technorati (by chance).

    I hope you found my entry amusing, if not actually funny.



  2. Wait, I read your comment incorrectly.
    I thought you were saying that finding the post through technorati was amusing and funny. If that was the only way you found out, then it would be sad.

    But I’ve reread your comment – and realised you’ve asked if I consider your post funny and amusing: Yes, very much so, but in a good way. You write well, keeping the reader interested. Not many bloggers (gawd, I hate that word) manage that well.

    So I will be returning to your journal for further reading. BTW, I love the photographs at Edithburg of the windmills. The wife and I drove to Cape Jervis wondering how we could get right up to them, but couldn’t find a thoroughfare…


  3. I haven’t seen the ones at Cape Jervis either. That was my first encounter with these wonderful monsters. Glad you like the blog. Depending on my mood and inspiration, the entries can be entirely farcical or a straightforward recounting of events. I write and edit for a job so I hope the text is slightly above mildly adequate.


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