Finally, Color Picking Made Easy

For many years I relied on simple freeware to pick website colors. It enables me to pick colors from pixels of images that I intend to use on the site.

But it was an arduous process. So many times I changed the hex-value’s of my site, plus upon my client sites. (I admit to it, I cannot pass the buck – I am a one-man show!)

But tonight that all changed. How? I found the best color-picker on the market: Genopal. I found it whilst checkout site designs at Design Meltdown.

Within minutes of checking out their gallery, I knew I just had to have this great program. This is what they have to say:

GenoPal is based on how your mind perceives color. You will notice that the colors proposed by GenoPal are pleasant and visually close to each other. This is because GenoPal is based on how your mind perceives color and not on the measurement of light (RGB).

Because it is more about ‘color harmony’, not just ‘color matching’, this simple program takes the hassle out of wondering which two (or more) colors are suited to each other in any medium. Now that’s a big-plus in my book!

I’ve used the online free version – and was mighty impressed! Some radical changes are going to happen on a few of my sites. So much so that I will purchase it very soon!

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