Create Your Company Blog!

Found a great book to read.


Companies are terrified of bloggers. There are over 70 million of them, according to Technorati, and you can’t control them. But there’s a way you can defend your brand in the blogosphere.

Dell is doing it.

GM is doing it.

Google is doing it.

They also tell us to do what’s been happening across the internet for the passed few years:

It’s time to start your own corporate or organizational blog.

But I really like this book because they say this about it:

If you’re a fearful – or skeptical – manager, executive or solopreneur, this book tells you how to get started.

It’s been widely praised as one of the best books on business blogging and it’s a quick, easy read.

Find it at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other booksellers. For the buzz on the book, read reviews and news. More about the author.

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