Staying Focused and Inspired

I have over a 1000 images in my account. So far, it has taken EIGHT hours to convert EVERY multi-word tag down to one-word categories. From "Adelaide Architecture" to "adelaide" and "architecture" … plus "building", "construction", "wall", "pattern", and "adelaide".

Rymill Park Bridge

Every photograph now includes my name, my avator and my domain name. Easy enough to do. Took about 10minutes to do that. But I am still going through all the /alltags to fix them up.

For the photographer in all of us, here are the most important and easy-to-remember steps to remain a starving artist. Yes, you, the photographer with no marketing-budget. This could be you. Pull yer finger out and do something before all you have is a backlog of photographs.

This one post alone changed the architecture of my flickr account. Tags, people, it’s all about categorisation(categorization for the Americans amongst us) of your photographs.

If you give your photograph’s category-tags like "killer shot on train roof" — You are not going to get noticed. Nobody is looking for that tag, trust me. Oh, and you are not only going to get killed by the next low-level bridge.

The strobist site is certainly having a big impact on my photography. Yet more to read, apply, and interact with. Where am I going to find for web-design? Don’t worry, I am great organiser and I know how to structure my days. My addictions and passions never distract me from the job at hand. It also helps that I can type around 55wpm and multi-skill within various internet-sites, all whilst gargling toothpaste. It’s fun to be me!
Attentive Pencils

"An idea is nothing if not acted upon"

This is a quote I have said to myself for quite a few years. I’m having it stenciled and laminated to stuck around my office – something I should have done years ago!

It’s probable that I read it somewhere, that someone has said it, and it’s not original. But where does any writer get their ideas from? That’s right: From the people around them.

Who is inspiring you today?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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