Maximum Exposure for your Photography

This is the consequence of discovering how to combine a good sturdy tripod, a vivid and colorful imagination, F22, ISO-100 and a two-dollar pack of colored pencils:

Colored Pencils II

Then I got a bit more creative. Note where the pencils point to in Digital Photography, a book I recently purchased though cannot recall where from!

Colored Pencils V

These were inspired by this simple shot, a creation of my young neice during her Saturday morning visit to our home. She threw pencils about, ripped paper from pads, and chatted to herself in a language only one-year-old’s can understand. An amazing spectacle that absolutely needed photographic proof thereof!


So I had bit of fun with exposure timing and putting things into frame whilst the shutter was open.

Colored Pencils III (and Tools!)

The tools were quickly put into frame 3 seconds after the shutter opened. They were left in frame until it closed. Makes for an interesting effect – don’t you agree?!

2 thoughts on “Maximum Exposure for your Photography

  1. Love the creativity.
    The colors pop.
    The marketer in me finds it interesting how each pencil is at a different stage of wear, despite being roughly the same height.
    What was neice coloring brown?


  2. Thanks for the comment K.
    Thankfully my young niece was only drawing on white paper – and not the floors nor walls. Yes, it appears she liked the darker colors!
    We didn’t sharpen any, they’re all brand-new, fresh from the packet – so she got to blunt the sharp points for about an hour!


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