Shooting Objects Under House-Lights

Whilst SWMBO and I spent the afternoon with my parents, catching up on the 2,500 photographs from Kangaroo Island, this antique melodic contraption captured my attention. It has a shelf to itself in their home – and deservedly so!

Permission was asked and granted, the white table cloth was spread out, lights were turned on, and I took the time to shot every angle possible.

Here are three of the four shots that made the final cut.

Antique Piano Accordian

Mum says they acquired it prior to 1970, so it’s suspected to be very old. Hell, anything before 1970 is old. Just look at me!

Made in Italy

Three knobs on one side, ten buttons corresponding with the ten wooden-reeds and two very-taut bellows, this piano accordian is now an heirloom. I’d love to acquire it. Behind glass and sensitive lights, this would make a fine display-piece in our home!

Knobs, Reeds, Buttons and Bellows

I had originally really wanted to atted the SACentral Flickr MeetUp this afternoon. Thankfully my wife ‘changed my mind’ – otherwise I might not have ever taken these shots. (Chances are, yes, we would have eventually seen the accordian – but who’s to know if any other photograph would be as good as these?!)

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