Selling Your Photography on the Internet

If you are as passionate about photography as I am, than you’ll appreciate these two recommendations. Here are two websites where money can be made from your photography:


RedBubble appears to be an Australian website that allows camera-buffs, both professional and amateur, to make some pocket-money from their work.

I found RedBubble via the portfolio of an Adelaide flickr friend (but I have forgotten which one!). I joined up before you could say TAMRON! I’ve already uploaded my six images.

The fine-print for RedBubble makes interesting reading! Make sure you do. You can receive your cheques by month or to an account – either way, you’re laughing! As long as you sell a few prints, you can cover your ADSL, and BeanBar costs each month! Love it!!

View My iStockPhoto Portfolio

I discovered through Scott Kelby‘s book "The Digital Photography". I joined, but was a little dismayed by a few elements, but all will be overcome shortly. More on that later.

Anyway, is an international site thereby allowing everyone around the world to attempt to buy and sell and make a few dollars from their photography.

Whichever way you go, this is a good thing for everyone:

From the buyers to the sellers(photographers), the idea of loading our imagery onto the internet actually invites us to open our eyes, get outside the house and walk around a bit more.

Who knew the internet would be good for our health? Remember to breathe, eat and shoot everything with a camera (not a gun!!) – and your life will only improve!

4 thoughts on “Selling Your Photography on the Internet

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  1. Thanks for the mention Stephen – glad to hear you’re enjoying RedBubble.

    Interestingly, while people love earning money from their work (often for the first time), an equally important benefit is a big boost in confidence in their own talent. I like to call this the “wow – someone bought my work” effect!


  2. I got that boost long before finding redbubble. Now I am waiting for that first someone to say it’s worth buying.
    But I’m working on a plan to get my work noticed more internationally… I’ll let you know how this goes – if it works!


  3. I am glad you found redbubble. I couldn’t believe how many great talent artists there are on redbubble. It’s a great place for everyone, whether you are a seller or a buyer. Have a look. You will be amazed how wonderful these great talent artist really are. You maybe even buy a thing or two for your walls. Have fun!


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