Using Photography To Express, Provide and Release

I have joined yet another interesting group on today – UTATA.

It’s probably the first group where I have felt quite at home. Simply because they follow a philosophy that I put into many of my more surreal shots. They have to mean something to me, give me some sort of feeling, and tell a story – even if only a short story.

I guess this might not be too obvious. Yes, I do pander and provide the bright shiny shots that will attract the honey-eaters of But then I also like to show a few of my preferred to see if they’ll stay around. Some have. Interestingly, the repeat-traffic are people close to home.

Which is why I chose to join UTATA. Anyone who has this as their spiel is worth the time to get involved with:

This is a place to talk. Tell stories. Ask questions. Be silly. Be serious. Learn. Teach. Grow. Relax. Wind up or down. We talk about photography a lot, naturally. We try to grow. Some of us are pros, some want to go pro, others want artistic fulfillment, some are trying to be better photographers and some just come for the pie and conversation.

But most importantly for me are their rules that agree with my philosophies:
Why on earth would someone lower their standards and dignity by presenting their naked body to the rest of the world?
Ok, so Americans have a more liberated approach to nudism – but this should be kept to the sanctity of your house, not exposed on the world-wide-web.

I have no problem art-shots which show skin, but shooting the locations wherein appendages conjoin is not anything anyone really needs to see!

I haven’t submitted anything yet. Wait. The right photograph, the appropriate moment, the timing has to be right. I shot over four hundred photographs today up in the Adelaide hills. Maybe one or two of these will fit the bill.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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