Finding Money in Your Garage

Here is an interesting news story found via the daily cartoonist: Turns out an Indiana man decided to hug a statue of his favourite cartoon, Garfield. Seems harmless.

Nope, it turns out that Garfield’s head was squeezed off like a giant zit. Savarino decided that taking it with him might help hide the ‘misdemeanor’. Little did he realise that the local police would notice the amazing weight-loss in the orange cat.

At what point did the guilt replace the fear of being the guy that hugged a inanimate and cartoon object?

Apparently this information will become apparent at his sentence to a standard one-year jail term. This misdemeanor carries this charge. What? In order to carry a standard jail-time, this event must have come up in their local courts before! This suggests that this town, or somewhere in America, has had this vile act of depravity (read: funny stunt) happen before! Wow. Only in America.

Dilbert Joke

The writer of " has found the ultimate way to make a billion dollars from your garage."

Yep, all you need is a lot of imagination, a lot of spare time, and a will to travel without moving your feet. That’s how I bet heely’s dot com was born.

That’s right, all we need is a grandé idea that nobody has thought of, yet everyone will want, despite not actually needing – and some skateboard wheels. Geez, I wish I had thought of this. But I also want a pair of heely‘s.

Book at AmazonDOTcom

Again, back at flyingsolo because I love their information we find the top ten ways to ensure your day is productive and you gain all the sleep you need to survive the day. I like these methods. They sure beat having to retire to bed earlier in the evening so I get an early start in the morning!

Ten Tips for the Perfect Nap

  • Keep the nap to 20 minutes or less otherwise you wake in deep ‘slow-wave’ sleep which will make you feel sluggish and unfocused
  • Lose the guilt remember that napping helps productivity
  • Nap just after lunch and avoid late afternoons, that’s when you are more likely to fall into slow-wave sleep…
  • Eat foods that are high in calcium and protein as they help the sleep process
  • Don’t consume a lot of caffeine or fatty/sugary foods before napping.
  • Exercise helps but finish at least 30-60 minutes pre-nap.
  • Find a quiet and preferably dark place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Use a blanket as body temperature drops when you fall asleep
  • Set your alarm. You may find after practicing this for a while, you might not need it due to natural body-clock rhythms.
  • Stick to your napping ritual, do it automatically and it’s less to think/stress about

Of course, this cannot be possible in all day jobs! But for those of you who can complete or exercise these rituals sometime during your working day, they should improve your sleeping habits and consequently work productivity!

NationwideNetworking talks copyrighting on its website. Trust me, this is a great read.

Not only does it provide a "prod in the forehead" approach to teaching us to write better scripts for our "about company" web page, it also gives a strong reminder of where our websites should be going. Where is your website going today?

Articles from my Bloglines

Dave Cheong gives a printable image that teaches the 10 R’s to success. None of it is easy, but all of it is relevant. I will be printing and enlarging tomorrow!

For those of us with a flickr-fetish, the digital photography schools enlightens us with a simple method to increase traffic to our photo-imagery: Converge your lines. Add perspective, distance, and tell a great story with a start and end.

Finding yourself out of time – regularly? Want to escape the internet, the boring job, the mountain of un-paid bills and incomplete work? Then you need to "Begin. Again." Just ask the Slacker Manager. He did. Again.

Interesting article from the IPN Lighting people about ways reduce eye-strain. That’s customer commitment. Particularly when they tell me that an almost dark room is bad for my health. Thanks!

In closing, compliments are good. Compliments are not just an affirmation of our abilities, they are a learning method. Because good compliments not only are meant to make the sender feel good, but also the receiver should learn something. Ever noticed how you manager precedes any conversation with something good about you? It’s the same thing for a compliment. The lifescoachblog has a 3-step methodology that describes it for us very clearly.

Late Article

Sometimes we are responsible for changing the world. Some days we are simply a pawn in a much larger game of chess. And some days we are the originators of ideas taken and claimed by greater people. There is little you can do about the latter – except grin like a Cheshire cat and remain altruistic. Because sometimes their will be moments where you are merely the catalyst, and not the end product.

Which is why I wonder if I was the catalyst for Guy Kawasaki’s article about the book I currently have listed on my sidebar. I guess I’ll never know … but I feel kinda over-awed by the possibility.

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