Find Out What You Can Become

Do What You Believe You Can Accomplish

One of the biggest mistakes any person can make is not believing in themselves, their previous learnings and their potential to do more than what they are currently doing.

At any given time their are countless people hesitating to take that next big step, to step outside what they have done for so long, and even more people who are so afraid that change means potential failure. Do you want to be or stay one of those people.

I heavily encourage anyone who wants to take on new challenges to jump out of their current clothes into a whole new life. As I often say, "You Only Get ONE Life – Enjoy it While You Still Can".

This includes your choice of work. If you desire to be a radio-star, learn the necessary skills, do the unpaid work at some rural station, make your voice heard across the airways – and keep heading for the destination of your desires. Don’t let other peoples opinions get in your way. Why let the negativity of others stop you from becoming all that you can? That’s wrong! There’s no way on earth that someone’s bias negativity can get you so down that you stop believing in yourself. Success comes from believing what was not there now is. Get it? Take it.

Stamp Out Negativity

Sometimes we all feel like the world is closing in and that it’s all impossible. That’s natural. What is not natural is to shrivel up and die. That’s what losers do.

When negative thoughts surround you, take a moment to determine what is creating them.

If it is other people, disassociate yourself from them. If that is impossible, try asking them to change their tone. Yes, I know that can be difficult. Try telling them what your goals are in life, what you expect and what you really want to do. This is a genuinely great approach to talking and discussing important issues in the professional world. This method will determine who your true friends will be and have been. Respect is not given lightly, it is earned from being forthright and honest. True friends understand this.

If you realise it is you being negative (and you’ll know if it is), it’s time for happy-happy thoughts. No, not sappy and silly, but just looking at all the positive points about your life. You are alive? You have a roof over your head? You have food and clothes, family and friends? These should keep you grounded, at least a little happy, and will be your saviors when things really are bad. (PS. Chocolate is a food!)

Money is Not Everything

Like everyone, you dream of winning the lotto. You wish you could win the BIG ONE, the TEN MILLION DOLLARS in next month’s mega-lotto. Why? Because you have your life worked out down to the last decimal place what would happen if you did.

Wait a moment!

You know what you want – and it needs a lot of money? You are kidding right? So, let me get this right, if I was to show you a case with one million ten-dollar-notes in it (which would be a big case), you’d be instantly happy?

Let me guess: No you would not. You would not know where to begin. Oh, yeah, so you know all your the tax-laws regarding gifts and winnings — but would you really be happy?!

Like the title says: Money is not everything – and you know it.

There are mountains of things you could do right now that don’t cost a thing. The internet is an amazing place. There are countless ways to accomplish your goals without spending more than a few thousand dollars. What, a thousand dollars is too much? Then you have to get your priorities in order – and you need to understand part-payments and goal setting.

Uneducated Genius

The last time I won a job (not the interview, the actual job), I left the previous job with a very quick statement:

"Perseverance, Persistence and Perspiration: That’s the answer." No where in that statement are the words "Institutional Education".

As many greater men than I have said over the last two hundred years, there are countless men in the world filled with talent but have not yet been successful.

There are men who have attended the greatest universities – yet many serve burgers in cheap diners.

And there are men and women who have the brains to make lead into gold — but they know not how to take the first step.

Which one are you?

Don’t be mistaken: Education is important. But what is more important is how you apply that knowledge. Many men have studied one thing and done another. I myself included.

Time to Smell The Money

It’s one thing to slog your guts out, day after day, to earn a lot or a little money. It’s invigorating to get that first paycheck, to have a little freedom. (Yes it is also frustrating, heart-breaking, even back-breaking.)

So you work harder to earn more to spend more to dress better to work more to earn much more to spend more…

Just remember to take a break every few hours to remember why you got into the job in the first place. If not for the money, but to have a little happiness in your life.

Don’t Just Read – Listen and Learn

The surest way to learn how to improve your life is to listen to those who have done it before. Don’t waste time listening to those who believe they what’s best for you – but have never done it themselves. That’s a sure way to failure. How can someone know what is right for you when they have never reached that level themselves.

Stop. Read. Listen. Learn.

Not everyone you hear or read is going to be a current guru. They may just be someone who is resting while they reach for the next mountain to climb over.

Do YOU know where this is?

8 thoughts on “Find Out What You Can Become

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  1. Ann Oing,
    Your comments are welcomed and your suggestions will be looked into shortly. Thank you for the information regarding color-blindness!
    Yes, you are right, I am silly for not including a contact link! That will certainly be fixed shortly.
    Again, thanks for your contributions. Nobody’s opinion could ever be wrong, only misinformed. On this occasion, you have given good and worthy information.


  2. Yes excellent piece. I have some similar I shall pop on my blog in due course. We true believers have to stick together to help the people who can’t do it :)

    [and by believer, I mean, in people, in ourselves, in each other :]


  3. Thank you for this blog. It has definitely brighten my day. I’m usually the perky one, but for the last few weeks I’ve been in the dumps, your blog (that I found searching Google for an ‘uneducated genius’) was definitely the tickle I needed to say ‘you’re still on the right track lady’


  4. hehe @ “uneducated genius”.
    In some ways, that is very true. I’ve learnt most of what I know from going to the “School of Hard Knocks“, the “University of Blood, Sweat and Tears” and through online tutorials.
    Those that want to learn will – those that want everything in a hurry will lose it all just as fast.
    All the Uni-degrees in the world won’t make anyone smart – but will give them plenty of wallpaper.” I said that.


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