Taking the Emphasis Out of Branding

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I’ve been so hooked-up in my latest coughaddictioncough that I’ve left my blog behind for a while. But I’m always thinking, reading, perusing and writing some interesting ideas.

One of the most interesting areas of discussion this year is "branding". Through my camera-lens I have been able to view an array of embossed, beveled and neon brand-names around Adelaide. Many business have forgettable brands and logs, whereas others have a logo that defines where and who they are.

So I have to ask you: Do you discern your web-product by its name, or its domain-name, or its logo or brand? Do you purchase your goods based on popularity, your friends/family opinion or the quality of the good?

I’d like to think that each of us are more interested in quality rather than popularity. Why does a litre of fizzy water cost $2.50 with one red&white logo, when you can get exactly the same amount of sugar and caffeine for a $1 from the Shop-Brand? It amazes me how much the current generation spend on their food, presumably just to look good, when the same food is better purchased fresh in its own skin rather than wrapped in branded-plastic!

Considering that food is generally eaten at home – who cares what the packaging looks like? OK, so the food-wholesaler wants you to pick their product off the shelf. But how do they package food in the starving sections of 3rd-world countries? Yes, that’s right: In clear plastic wrapping on top of pallets. No fancy branding for food destined to be pushed out of the back of an aeroplane. Why? Because they want to reduce the cost of the food. What does that say? That the packaging is worth (by someone’s standards) far more than the food itself!

Scary but true.

So, when next you shop at your local supermarket: Ask yourself what you actually need, not what you want. Glossy cardboard exteriors do not maketh the food any better.

Each morning you wake and dress yourself. What brand are your denims, cottons, polyesters and leathers? Do you care? Amazingly, a lot of people seem to put an amazing amount of emphasis on brand rather than quality. Again, its our current generation who feel the need to put popular logos on their shirt fronts, denim pockets, shoe-tongues and baseball-caps.

Since the age of sixteen I have constantly asked this question "Why would you wear a brand for free? You’d actually pay for a brand-name – and wear it for free? That’s called double-dipping! Their marketing department is taking our generation to the bank!" Actually, my words were more like "You’d pay to wear a brand name for free?" It’s only in more recent years that I’ve had to explain it further – because the current teenage generation are still following this trend!

But I will say this: If you want quality, sometimes you need to pay for it. I wear a few specific brands – because I have learnt they supply excellent quality clothing and shoes. There’s no crime in that. But the crime would exist if they failed to live up to the standards I expect of them. How high a standard do you put on your clothing? Don’t let a brand-name be the only focus: Remember to check all the options before you commit your money to something you’d not want to replace too soon!

Ok, that’s tonight. How will you be spending your hard-earned money tomorrow?

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  1. Your last paragraph explains it. Historically a brand was a mark of approval. To know who made it and their reputation for quality. Unfortunately these days a brand or trade mark means some guy design a funky logo. The key reason people pay more for brands is that we are too wealthy in the western world. We don’t buy what we need. Once someone has the basic Maslow requirements (food, water, shelter, education etc) We buy for emotional reasons, status. Ben Rowe has a good link which comments on the resurrection of Boutique. http://benrowesblog.wordpress.com/2007/01/18/the-boutique-generation/

    Nice post. Steve


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