World Wide Peace Found Through Hollywood

For those of you who are Star-Wars™ devotés, here is a magnificent collection of individuals who have chosen to display their pride and love.

This cluster of imagery shows those individuals who amass as a parade of stormtroopers walking in unison. This is an amazing site and quite an array of ironical twists. It would appear that some humans work together well when the emphasis is on pride and fun combined. Not only do they get to wear the clothing of movie-characters, but they do so because they want to – and then they happily parade in the hot sun wearing the solid helmets.

Do they walk as one during their normal day? Do their day-job bosses get the same amount of enthusiasm and pride? One would hope so. It’s interesting what we as humans will do for love and for work … lets hope these ‘troopers see the light and stay away from the dark-side of humanity.

Storm Troopers on Parade

What is also interesting to note is many Star-Wars™ fanatics originate from countries around the world. I know we have quite a lot down here in Australia also! But it would appear that the "United States of America" holds the most. It is truly amazing how ordinary people from all works and walks of life enjoy spending time together to dress-up as battle-scarred fibre-glass mannequins. Here are some more people showing the different flags of either origin (I am unsure if these flags are of earth or stellar origin.)

Storm Troopers on Parade

Being an Aussie, I was most proud to see a trooper flying our national flag.

Australian Storm Trooper with National Flag

"Kaplah!" Hmmm, no that’s Star Trek™. "Nanoo Nanoo!" Wrong, that’s Mork. "Long Live and Prosper." Still Star Trek™. Oh, I remember now:

Trooper: "Did you say incinerate?"
Yoda: "Surround the Jedi! Surround, Surround!"

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Yeah, OK, I admit it: I am a Star Wars™ fanatic. I have most of the VIDEO Collection. One day when the funds are able, the DVD Collection will also be purchased.

X-Wing Fighter - View 1

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