Modern Polymorphism and Its Effects On You

Whilst in pursuit of the "”about me" pages of people I would normally revere, I found something very scary: The 21st Century Geocities.

For some really odd reason, our web-design-mentors are all reverting back to ugly-forum-cum-IRC, blogspot-styled, insta-chat sites to declare their daily farts.

Sorry guys, but that’s one band-wagon you can trail-blaze without me. I am going to build teepee’s with the Indians. Complex, structural, with purpose – and last a lifetime.

Wow, but I remember saying this a few years ago to myself and a million other blogspotters: "”Does anyone really have to know what you are doing in your kitchen right now?"

Only a stalker would find this stuff remotely interesting. Oh, maybe someone who couldn’t get to sleep would try reading a twitpage. Did anyone but me notice/realise that the derisive of twitters is ‘twit’?

Sorry Veerle , Molly , Jeff and fellow-groupies, but its like looking at Tripod all over again! Didn’t we all get our own domain-names so we could avoid looking like the next guy’s web page?

No matter how you sell the product, this is embarrassing for those of us who bought your books to become as good as you. Excuse me while I go off to learn alone … Ok, from your book!

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