About You, Me and Everybody

I’ve taken a fascination to "About Me’s". I have read through so many, but I always come back to a few that inspire me to become a better person in so many different ways.

Here are just a few of the many that not only read well but have put real thought into their personal information:

Derk Powzaek, Gilbert Lee, Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric E Meyer has a post asking about others, Jeffrey Veen, Roger Johansson is asking his regulars to De-Lurk, Joe Clark, Natalie Jost and Reid Stott to name but a few.

There are thousands more out there – but these are the ones I found tonight. These are the really cool people who know where their towel is!

2 thoughts on “About You, Me and Everybody

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  1. I am also really fascinated by the story of the people behind things… especially successful business. Currently i am spending a lot of time on Wikipedia getting mini biographies. It’s a great source of insight into the minds behind the brands and history there in. Can be a good motivator too.


  2. Definitely agree, this information is very motivating.
    I am compiling a further list of “About Me”-‘s … a little bit of research, a lot of statistics, some humor, and an interesting future post.
    Sigh, so many people, so little time.


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