Don’t Wait to Be Tagged: Jump on the Meme Train!

Tag me, Tag ME!!

Wait, they say there are rules to this meme floating its way around the void:
Once you’re tagged, you need to mention 5 things about yourself that others don’t know. Then you need to tag 5 others bloggers… but since no one tagged me I ain’t doing no one! (Don’t you hate double negatives?) To quote Stephen at the startupblog, "It’s an entrepreneur insight provider." This’ll be interesting to say the least:

I am an ardent anti-smoker.

Now that I have a PRO-account at, this fact will be revealed more. Be prepared for images of the ugly side of Adelaide, of the most disgusting chemical on the planet, and how seemingly intelligent creatures dispose of carcinogenic weapons of mass destruction (cigarette butts). I’ve had this idea for over twenty years – and now I have the time and space!

Why is that we can be jailed/gaoled for carrying explosives, chemicals, hair-spray and other potential life-killing devices onto aircraft … yet we can purchase cigarettes duty free at the airport and carry them in our carry-on luggage?! Doesn’t anyone read the packaging – not even Airport security?
I’ll leave you all to dwell on that thought when next you fly.

I have no fascination for televised sports.

You won’t find me watching cars race around a bituminous track built solely for the purpose (Car Racing). Nor do I revel in watching other men running around in short and shirts, hugging and kissing each other when one of them manages to kick a round-ball between two posts or an oblong-ball between the middle two of four posts. (Soccer/Football). Watching boats zigzag across an ocean to go in a straight-line seems pointless.(Yachting). Thugby and Body-building should be a combined sport – those that have the muscles win. Boxing should be banned. Kick-boxing stays – at least they are reprimanded when over-zealous.

Yet I like the good sports: Social soccer, Beach volleyball, 2-on-2 basketball, ten-pin-bowling, billiards, table tennis. You’ll notice many of them are ‘solitary’ games where one can play alone. Thus removing any physical-contact or injury. Yep, always thinking of me.

Between 1985 and 1996 I wrote about 500 poems

Mostly about many different issues that were important in my life at that time, including when I turned to religion for personal development. Yet to be published. Numerous people have said they are worthy. Maybe they’ll get into my memoirs. Although others are impressed by my work, I fear my work will be misrepresented by unscrupulous others on the internet.

I have broken more body parts than I ever anticipated.

  1. Right knee got busted up at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast in 1986. Long story, maybe some other time. Will need to draw pictures to describe the pain that continues to torment me.
    SideNote: The ride doesn’t exist anymore. It was called the "Colorado White Water Rapids". Its equivalent would be a cross between the THUNDER RIVER RAPIDS RIDE at Dreamworld and WHITE WATER MOUNTAIN at Wet’n’Wild. Except it was all on rubber inner-tubes, none of these fancy new OHS&W contraptions. Things have certainly changed since I was a kid!
  2. Both arms in a late night bicycle misjudgement in 1992. Hair-line fracture in both forearm bones, dislocated left elbow and shoulder plus various bodily abrasions.
  3. Little finger on both hands at different times over last 10 years. My lips are sealed on those two separate stupid accidents. Thankfully I can still touch-type!
  4. Oh, nearly forgot, shot off my right pointing-finger in 1984 or ‘5. Fourteen stitches between thumb and joint ensure it won’t fall off again. Bullet shrapnel is sharp!

I am a web-nerd, a computer-geek, and fast-becoming a web-design-addict.

Design is More Than Just the Internet

My fiction book collection is predominately made of Clive Cussler novels – most sit un-read! My wife has managed to get me reading "Clan of the Cave Bear" (Jean M. Auel).

The books I do read are web-help books. Photograh of proof. Last night I started reading Chapter 2 of "Sitepoint: No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP" (Thomas Myer). Within minutes of experimenting with XML and XSLT, I had a few epiphany’s, had a few fantastic ideas of where I could take this – then realised I’d invented Microsoft ACCESS. No not really, but I realised that my idea had similarities to an obvious existing program. Doh! At least I realised that I understood what I was reading. I skimmed through the rest of the book – and noticed that the book was aimed at producing a simple blogging system. When I finish here, I will resume reading. Interestingly, I enjoy reading Microsoft manuals – which makes me unique amongst my peers!

PS. My favourite and only PC-game is SIMS-Original. SIMS-Pets? What is the world coming too?

Wow, that took less than an hour to compile. Each ‘thing’ could easily have a post in itself … but I fear I would say too much. Oh, one more.

I was one of the many amateur photographers who managed to push the guard-rail up and get onto the track at ‘Fosters Corner’ during the last-lap of the 1993 Adelaide Grand Prix.

The GPF1 race should return to Adelaide

Hmmm. I think it was that year. My memory is a little fuzzy. I intend to dig up those negatives, scan them in and put them on my account.

Ok, I wasn’t tagged therefore I won’t force anyone else to reveal themselves. But feel free. Heck, who is going to stop you?

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  1. If I had’ve found your site before my I’ve been tagged” blog entry I would have tagged you!

    What I like about this entry is the message it sends to Entrepreneurs. Don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder… if you want to do it – just go for it.


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