Apparently these guys look like me. Or is the other way ’round? Anyway you look at it – I shouldn’t let my wife take photographs of me any more!

While we are staring at cartoon-esque imagery, here is some better stuff:

A special tribute to Calvin, Hobbes and the Under appreciated Art of the Snowman. Somewhere in my vast collection of books, I have the book from which these have been scanned. Hmmm. I see a new header for this blog coming up.
Link courtesy of BogeyWD

It would appear that good web design is more easily taught via visual aids. Ka-blam! WafooM! Holy Toledo, they know about JavaScript enhancement. Another must-read plethora of data to meticulously disseminate.

Find of the Day:

The @BogeyWDman has compiled a great list of must-have’s for every web designer out there. Which means I will be spending a bit of time determining if these are already on my list. So many websites, not enough life-time!

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  1. Thanks for the link to. I have a few other posts as well dealing with those same things. And you can see my links at – I’m always adding interesting ones, specifically dealing with web design, css, and web standards.

    A great compilation site can be found at: There are a lot out there, but that’s one of the better ones.

    Sorry about getting Jeff Gordon too – that’s a tough break (I’m an Earnhardt fan) – but at least you got Russell Crowe. Gladiator was awesome.


  2. @bogeywebdesign
    I have a connection to the the handbook also! It is a great reference point to everything we need. What intrigues me most about is that it appears to hand-coded, not made of RSS-feeds. Admirable!

    Truth be said: I have no idea whom Neil Young or Jeff Gordon are: Neil looks like a CGI’d soccer player, Jeff looks like he could be the long-lost ‘Quaid brother.

    Russell Crowe is tolerable because we consider him half-Australian – he’s actually from New Zealand. His better roles include “Romper Stomper” and “Virtuosity”, both showing where his aggressive tendencies come from!


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