Grand Conspiracy

Here is something I’d definitely like to do: Re-install, Replace or Remove IE6, or at least the appearance of it.

Ok, so it’s “so yesterday” – but 97.5% of the general population are not even aware that IE8 exists, let alone want to upgrade. Because that would mean getting a better computer to handle the download amount.

I get this fuzzy feeling up my neck that this is a grand conspiracy by Google, belchYahoo!belch, coughMicrosoftcough and Flickr (I jest, guys, I truly jest!) to convince the world to take that next step forward.

For the last ten years, most of this planet has tried to keep one foot stuck in a 1980’s toaster-sized computer and the other foot stuck in a 1990’s “twenty-gigs-is-enough” tin-can computer. But the IE7 download meant taking out an additional mortgage. Partly to pay for the computer that can run IE7, and half to pay for the ADSL connection to get the whole download before your ISP flicks the OFF switch. Four hours later, you gotta start all over. They know those that have taken that step forward into the new millennium are now saying “Who needs that shit? Who the hell would go back to Dial-Up? F0rk that!” Language aside, you get my point.

But now you want IE6 too. And IE3, just for hysterical historical purposes. Because you’d love to see what it was like when dinosaurs once ruled the planet.

You can. Sort of. Read the comments first before you begin downloading. Or your computer won’t live long enough to see what it was like when AJAX was an acronym, not a cleaning product. Ever had a split personality, with conflicting emotions for each? That’s what this scenario does to your PC. Who wants to fiddle with code in REGISTRY and CMOS? Hell no, not me!

Much as it all sounds interesting, installing a multi-browser-configuration not for the faint of heart.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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