How to Achieve Financial Freedom Almost Immediately

Eighty-five percent of people get their money from savings or the three F’s: family, friends and fools, says Sutton Landry, director of Northern Kentucky University’s Small Business Development Center in Highland Heights, Kentucky.

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It’s the message at that helped me the find the answer to the popularity rise of Twitter – and the reason it’s being marketed so quietly yet quickly: “Twitter was acquired from Odeo, Inc., along with Twitter is a service for telling your friends what you’re doing (and vice-versa). It’s going to be huge.”

Huge. I don’t know what gives me this hunch, but I reckon there is a master plan here: Someone is expecting Yahoo! or Google to put a significant offer on the table for the complete platform and attached software. uNOOB sold for 1.6-ish-billion. You can bet Twitter won’t be so cheap.

But that idea is blown out of the void when you see sites that make the 2006 version of of 1996. Example herein.

But why spend your life figuring out how to get rid of small problems with money? You can work hard to make yourself a more optimistic person, and then you will be able to overcome most small problems. So let’s stop talking about financial freedom and start talking about learned optimism.

Optimism is the ability to see the world in a positive light. Optimists are happier people, and there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t attempt to think more optimistically. Don’t tell me a happy outlook will squash your creativity. Part of creative production is the manic optimistic self-confidence that what you are thinking of is a great idea.

How does this relate to careers? Once you make the switch to thinking like an optimist you will have real freedom — freedom to do what will be fulfilling and accommodate your personal life instead of what will make you rich.

Taken from last few paragraphs of ‘Financial freedom is outdated, try optimism instead’

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