Receiving Christmas Gifts Gratiously

Xmas Presents 2007

What did you get for Christmas 2006?

I got a few presents where they were for both SWMBO and myself, so they don’t count as presents specifically for me. Then there was the usual boxes of chocolates from persons who didn’t ask me what I wanted or needed. But then there are the presents that are least expected that we all really truly love getting! Right?

I always like getting something different. In my youth it was all about getting a multitude of gifts. These days I happy to get anything other than chocolate coated fruits and nuts. Neither option does any good for my indigestion or teeth – but I eat them all-the-same!

You can imagine my surprise when these two items appeared out from the colourful-paper and ribbon:

Change the World for Ten Bucks by Tim Ashton.

Inside the front cover it says "50 Items to Change the World and Make you Feel Great". I read it once and quickly said to myself, "Great! I now have fifty new articles to write about this year!" I hope to achieve that one goal. Whether any of my articles change the world or make me happy is another story altogether.

  • A "spotting scope" from at the "Australian Geographic" store at Marion Shopping Centre

"How do I know where it was purchased?", I hear you ask.

During our weekly-window-shopping throughout our usual haunts at Marion, I had seen this item and casually mentioned that I liked it. Little did I realise that it might be a gift for Xmas.

But when we returned to Marion last Thursday night for the ‘twenty-four hour shopathon’, I’d slipped into AG’s while SWMBO and her mother perused K-mart for other gifts. I’d taken another look at it’s price to see if I’d could afford it. It was as this point that I cottoned on … and decided not to purchase it. I’d figured if I could afford it, so could SWMBO and her mother.

Last night (Xmas Eve) I said aloud to SWMBO and her Mother: "Let me guess. Your mother’s gift to me: National Geographic!" (I knew I got the name wrong, but they knew what I meant.) SWMBO tried to play dumb, but it was too obvious. But I chose to remain surprised when ripping the wrapping to shreds.

Now that I have searched the Australian Geographic online store, I have seen a brass one I’d prefer… Isn’t that always the way.

Christmas 2006 ended thirty minutes ago.

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