Want to create an mirror-image of everything on your site to give that 3D feel?

This article has nothing to do with that – but it’s a starting point. It’s more about blending gradient backgrounds with text and links. If you are clever, you can see the coloration – and create that 3D image of your latest site design.

Woh, I believe I found the ultimate site.

Aggreg8 is a social networking and collaboration space for the IT community. Inside you can keep track of your trusted network, find others through your network with similar interests or situations. Then you can collaborate with anyone in the community inside our working groups. … All the expected tools are there for collaboration, allowing you to create postings, post files, share events.

Here is another new web site/application floating out there in cyberspace.

It’s purpose? All it says is:

  1. Customizable, hosted web site for your event
  2. Alternatively, hook up the registration pages with your own site
  3. Accept payments through your PayPal account
  4. Quick, searchable, sortable access to attendee details
  5. Keep track of activity through RSS feeds
  6. Comprehensive help, accessible externally, or within your admin’ area
  7. Dynamic mailing lists that can be targeted at attendees, or groups of attendees
  8. Export data as spreadsheets or XML

I hope that helps you. Because it sure as hell means SFA to me. I should seriously take the next step from CSS

Here is good reading for people want to move from a programmer to an entrepreneur.

Each of these points can make or break a good writer, web-designer and web presence.

This then is followed by another 10 things that help give your site a better presence.

After that I will read more about how to create the perfect wordpress.org site, integrating many more features. I should download the free application. Then integrate into my real site… Soon.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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