Today I installed IE7 – all 14.8 megabytes of it.

Cannot say I am very impressed. It has amazing similarities to Mozilla Firefox. Tabbed browsing. Multiple search-engines on the one search-bar. Glass-faced header background.

What I regret most, and I don’t even know if I could have achieved otherwise, is that it installed OVER the previous version. If only I could have installed it alongside of IE6. Yes, IE7 might be considered better, but IE6 was simplistic, less cumbersome – despite all its attached spyware.

Didn’t Microsoft ever survey its users how many have their WindowsXP running in “Classic” view? The same applies here. It looks all ‘pretty’ – but it has nothing on the previous version. Absolutely nothing.

But I have it now, so I have to grin-and-bare it. Or do I? Anyone know something about the settings? It’s proven difficult to navigate through the help menu, let alone find the help menu.

It’s little wonder that most of the planet uses Firefox, and has it as the preferred browser.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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